What We Offer

What We Do

Many organisations and communities commission us when they are starting a new venture, or trying something from the first time.

People tell us that our approach feels fundamentally different to others companies.

That is because we see our work as being about collaboration, collective inquiry, and most importantly gathering insight and designing experimental activities to find out what works best for the community you support.

As a social enterprise, we spend time with our partners working out what is really needed. We strive to really understand how we can harness the expertise of your organisation or community, and to identify how we can add value to your work.

So if you are looking to be inspired, to activate the potential in your organisation, and drive forward a positive and tangible social impact (whist having some fun along the way) then you’ve come to the right place.


Gathering insights
Using in-depth qualitative methods, we gather and analyse insight from local communities, sector partners, clients and employees to inform strategies and operations. Find out more
Developing Strategies
We support our partners to develop organisational and influencing strategies through facilitating the design process and capacity building employees. Find out more
Using social and psychological experimentation to design potential programme or methods to create the positive policy and social change for our partners. Find out more
Experiential Learning
We offer experiential workshops which aim to build awareness, knowledge and skills for use in everyday practice. Find out more

Case Studies

NHS England (Experimentation)
We worked with NHS England’s Patient Experience team (on behalf of a cross-organisational group) to gather insight into dental charging practices. From this, we co-designed and delivered small-scale experimental interventions in Greater Manchester, and subsequently supported NHS England, and the Department of Health, to implement learnings and recommendations.
Haringey, Camden and Islington CCGs (Insight Gathering)
In a multi-project collaboration with Public Voice, we gathered qualitative insight into the experiences of children, young adults and parents / carers who had experience of crisis and inpatient mental health services to inform local commissioning strategies and planning.
Lankelly Chase Foundation (Experimental Learning)
In collaboration with The Social Change Agency, we designed and delivered a experiential learning workshop for small and grassroots social enterprises. Through active participation in a challenging social change scenario, participants were able to explore techniques in designing social interventions, assessing their viability and negotiating for their wider implementation.
St Anne’s Wellbeing Programme (Community Development)
On behalf of St Anne’s Wellbeing Programme, we researched and developed (in collaboration with Evolving Minds) a Big Lottery funded community yoga and meditation programme focusing on the needs of gay, bi and trans men over the age of fifty.